Poly on Kickstarter – Press Conference

Yesterday it was a very special day. We presented Poly with a crowded and thrilling Presentation Press Conference in our town, Avellino, at the Circolo della Stampa. We were really excited to do it, but despite the anxiety and fear, everything went smooth and steady. We were introduced by CNA Avellino, a professional association which played a huge part in our beginnings, and by Mario Schiano from Schiano Bikes, our production and logistic supporter. We presented our work, as 3DRap, we told our story, trying to convey our involvement with this business, and finally we shared Poly story and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign video. The audience was very interested and surprised, giving the fact that we are so young (apparently!). It’s not so common to assist to success story in youth entrepreneurship, and we are very glad to be such a nice exception. Anyway, here there are some photos of the event. We wanted to share them with all our precious readers!