3DRap: the road from Capocastello to La Sapienza University passes through a Radio 2 interview. 

3DRap team is relentless and unstoppable. The young irpinian engineers, after being hosted in the famous radio show “Caterpillar”, on Radio 2 Rai, have been guests at the Economy Faculty of “La Sapienza” University in Rome, where they brilliantly chaired a lesson for Erasmus students. The lesson was part of a workshop, completely taught in english, about startups, with the title: “Innovations and Organization of Companies”.
3DRap web developer, Giovanni Di Grezia, held a lecture about starting a business in 3Dprinting, and he also presented the upcoming first Kickstarter campaign of the team: Poly, the green and easy 3Dprinter. Poly, the portable, multitool, battery-powered and eco-friendly 3Dprinter, will be launched on Kickstarter by November, 23. Sign up for being updated with the last news, and, in the meanwhile, enjoy some pictures of the workshop!